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The Kachelmann Group is always interested in new innovations, research projects and exploring new applications and enhancing the state-of-the-art weather forecast. 


Because of that, the Kachelmann Group participates also in research projects of the Horizon2020. Together with consortium partners all over the EU we are working on creating new technologies.


Delivering new city climate services to investigate the effect of climate change on urban areas to develop effective mitigation strategies. #EUGreenDeal


Meteologix is further developing its UltraHD city model to enable the modelling/detection of Urban Heat Island effects in order to provide data bases for simulating possible mitigation and adaption strategies.

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Project description: Creation of an open ecosystem for provisioning of manufacturer and service provider independent vehicle data. Definition of standardized and open interfaces for unconstrained data access. Specification of the Common Vehicle Information Model (CVIM) data format that enables harmonized, generic vehicle data access of a large amount of vehicles of various brands. Provision of mechanisms to guarantee of data security, integrity and privacy.


Meteologix developed a way to ingest live car sensor weather data into our SuperHD model to enhance the resulting weather model forecast.  


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Project description: To establish an IT environment offering data streams coming from mass products,  such as vehicles and smart building automation systems. Such data streams will lead to the development of new cross sectorial services, as well as enhancement of diverse existing services, such as improvement of weather forecast or energy optimisation services.


Meteologix develops a new high-resolution 100mX100m UltraHD weather model in order to ease data ingestion from heterogenous sensors like driving cars. 


Meteologix also helps developing a weather-based navigation service and a CPP data derived virtual radar.


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The Meteologix demonstrator video for Cross-CPP